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The silent cry was set up to help people who suffer from slef harm.  It is also here for all those that suffer the psychological problems that are all to common in the word we live in.

Look through our pages, download our leaflets and remember, we are here to help


is where the heart is...

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Just as the Government began launching its own campaign "Time to Change" to increase awareness of mental discrimination, SilentCry was set up in 2008 to help people to deal with self-harm.  Whether it be help for the sufferer, relative or partner, it has been put in place to educate and help.  Self-harm appears to be on the increase and the aim of SilentCry is to help and allow people to move forward in life.


Self-harm is misunderstood mainly because it is kept silent and people often suffer and cry alone in their silence.  The severity of self-harm doesn't depend on the severity of a person's underlying problems. Usually, as time passes, the person who is self-harming becomes more accustomed to the pain they inflict on themselves and so has harm they more severely to get the same level of relief.


SilentCry comprises a small community of people keen on promoting awareness of mental discrimination and helping sufferers of self-harm and depression.  We provide many sufferers with information and guide them towards ways of getting help, as well as providing them with a forum to enable sufferers to share their thoughts and feelings with others so that they are aware they are not alone.